Continuing Education


(Basic) Advanced Scuba Diver

Advanced Scuba Diver prepares you to dive at sites without a physical depth restriction. The slogan for the course is “go vertical”. The whole course is aimed at control over your movement and positioning in the water. This starts with a pool session in which you learn things like using your spinal cord for stability and swimming with the frog kick. Those skills are then practised in the first open water dive. The second dive is dedicated to navigation. Then the course moves to deep diving. The first deep diver training actually takes place at shallow depth. It allows you to prepare to do skills in mid-water, to shoot-up a surface marker buoy and similar useful skills.

If you wish, you then move on to two actual deep dives that are required for certification (for that you must be 15). If you don’t, you can be certified as Basic Advanced Scuba Diver. There is only a little theory, which is covered in a book with a chapter on buoyancy skills, navigation and deep diving. If you do the basic programme only, your depth limit remains 20 metres, but now allows you to dive a drop-offs. Those who complete the whole course are trained for a depth of 30 metres. You can start reading your course book here.

There is an option to do PADI programmes as a substitute. These differ in content, but have the same duration.

Course Duration Price Materials & Certification Total
Basic Advanced Scuba Diver 2 days €240 SCUBA € 26, PADI € 89 € 266 (PADI € 329)
Advanced Scuba Diver 3 days €360 SCUBA € 26, PADI € 89 € 386 (PADI € 449)
Upgrade Basic ASD to ASD 2 days €210 SCUBA € 16, PADI € 89 € 226 (PADI € 299)


Scuba Safety & First Aid

Scuba Safety & First Aid is a combined diver rescue and first-aid course. The first subject is emergency prevention. There are no practical parts for that section. In the second part you learn about first aid and participate in a range of skills on land (first-aid is not specific for diving). The third part covers diver rescue and is coupled with four practice sessions in open water. The course is then finalized with emergency management. After completing the theory you participate in several scenarios in open water in which you have to combine the knowledge and skills learned in the previous course segments. Basic Advanced Scuba Divers may participate (the minimum age is 12). The course is challenging, but a very rewarding experience. You can start reading your course book here.

Course Duration Price Materials & Certification Total
Scuba Safety & First Aid 4 days €480 SCUBA € 36, PADI € 141 € 516 (PADI € 621)
Bi-anual update 1 day €120 SCUBA € 8, PADI € 42 € 128 (PADI € 162)


Nitrox Diver

The training for Nitrox diving allows you to dive with a reduced nitrogen content (Nitrox contains more oxy-gen). The advantage lies in substan-tially longer dive times than would be available when diving with air. Learning to dive with Nitrox thus allows you to dive more often and to dive longer.

Once you have mastered the theory and the practical session on land, all that is left to do is to make a Nitrox dive in which you follow all procedures as you have learned. You can start reading your course book here.

The course takes one day. The price is €120. Materials and certification are €18 (PADI €92).


Oxygen First Aid

Oxygen first aid should be considered a must for all divers. If there is a diving related accident, it is likely that the oxygen supply of the body is affected. Providing additional oxygen as a first-aid measure will substantially increases chances of recovery. In this course you learn how. The whole course takes place in the classroom. You can start reading your course book here.

The course takes half a day. The price is €70. Materials and certification are €28 (PADI €72).


Special Courses and becoming a Master Scuba Diver or Dive Professional

As soon as you are a certified diver, you can start your preparations to become a Master Scuba Diver or a Diving Professional. Read more about this and about courses in special areas of interest here.