Our Location

Our infrastructure is unique. We have multiple classrooms, our own pool and a direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. You might need some time to travel to The College, but once you are here, there is no more need for transport from one location to another. This assures that there is no time lost during your course as is the case at many locations where traveling forward and backward between classrooms, pool and open water is a necessity.

The time we have available in the water is not limited by rental hours – it is ours to use when and how long we want or need.

​The nice thing about The College is that it is “like an island” in a big tourist center. Outside our doors you find the many attractions Cannes (a town known for the film festival and the world competition for fireworks) and its surroundings has to offer, while entering the gate brings you to the tranquility of Villa Belle Rive – our grounds are big and isolated enough to completely block out the hectic life on the streets. If you are accompanied by non-divers, there is no way for them to be bored. You’ll find Cannes to be the centre of an area with many attractions.


Instructor Training College – Villa Belle Rive
95 Av du Dr Raymond Picaud
06150 Cannes la Bocca, France