Try Scuba Diving

For people who want to try diving, we provide a program that assures a positive experience. We spent about one hour to introduce you to the equipment you are going to be using and explain what awaits you once you are in the water. As soon as this is done, we take you in our pool. The experience in the pool is important for you to get used to the sensation of breathing underwater as well as the feeling of being completely weightless – without this experience in the pool, you will not be able to enjoy a dive in the sea, which would be a pity.

You can take the experience as far as you want to go. If you are content with breathing underwater in a pool and experiencing what it is to be a diver, you should plan half a day. If you want to dive in the open water as well, a full day is the most appropriate planning. A pool-only programme is called Try Scuba (minimum age 8). The programme including a dive in open water is called Try Scuba Diving (minimum age 10). For participation you must be in good health.

Try Scuba starts at either 09.00 or 14.00 and takes about 3 hours. The price is 70 Euro, including equipment rental. Try Scuba Diving starts at 09.00 and takes most of the day. The price is 110 Euro, including equipment rental.